Natasha is pursuing her dream of a career in Performing Arts. It will cost £2,200 from September 2015 to July 2016 for Natasha to continue her training with a view to going to drama school or university full-time at 16 or 18. Our family is on a low income but we’re determined not to let that stop Natasha from achieving her dream. You can read more about our fundraising plans here and more about Natasha here.

We’re offering supportive businesses the opportunity to sponsor Natasha so she can continue her studies in acting, singing and dance. If you make a donation to Natasha on Go Fund Me we will put your linked business logo on this site and we can add a thank you and a link to your site in one of Natasha’s regular blogs.

If you would like us to review a particular product or your website let us know. Naturally we will not be able to link to every site – it will depend on what your business does or makes. Please get in touch today. 

Thank you to our sponsors: