My first festival

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Hiya people, hope you’re all well!

In a past blog I think I mentioned I’d been entered into the Plymouth Festival of Speech and Drama by my drama teacher at Italia Conti…..

Anyway it was last Thursday. I had to get the day off school to go and it took me and Mum two hours each way to get there on the train and a bus.

I was entered into two classes – Novice Verse Speaking and Improvisation Story Telling. First up was Improv Story Telling which is basically where the examiner gives you three items and you get ten minutes make up a story including them. I liked this class because I had lots of friendly competition. There were only three of us, me and two others from my acting class who are my friends. I was so surprised because there was only one point between us all! I didn’t win but I was really happy with a commendation.

The other class I was in was Novice Verse Speaking which is simply performing a poem. There were 13 of us in this class. I chose a poem called Why do I have to clean my room by Jack Prelutsky. I got a Merit for this which I was very pleased with. It was really interesting watching others perform their pieces and getting feedback from the examiner Stephen Owen (he was very funny!). The main things I learned were to speak a bit louder and speak much more slowly (that’s hard when you’re nervous!). Mr Owen mentioned that I was good at facial expressions and eye contact with the audience.

Thanks for reading again – we are fundraising to pay for my classes in singing, acting, ballet, jazz, modern, musical theatre and piano – more info here.

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