Bag it !!!


Hey people, you’ll never believe it but I’m now a ……(wait for it)…….. professional blogger!!! I know it’s pretty unbelievable isn’t it? This is so cool! I now have three lovely sponsors, hopefully more soon. Watch out Zoella!

Thank you to the fab-u-lous (darling!) Dancewear Central who are now one of my wonderful sponsors. They have sent me some awesome dance related products which I’m gonna be reviewing for them. I’m starting today with this gorgeous Danshuz Dance Attitude Tote bag which I’m holding in the pic above. I’m really happy to own this bag now and I will take it to Italia Conti Drama School this Saturday. I think it’s really practical as it holds more than it looks which is useful as a dancer because you’ve always got lots of bits and bobs to stick in your bag.

It’s really nice and colourful with dance related words all over it. Also it has a handy pocket on the front with a cool stylish zip.  It can be used as a shoulder bag with the long handles. And lastly it can be tightened so nothing falls out which is useful because as a busy dancer you are always up and down so insuring nothing falls out is one less thing to think about.

Check out the Dance Attitude bag yourself by clicking here – it’s only £12.95. Dancewear Central does lots more bags too – see the whole range here something for every dancer and super fast delivery.

Hope you liked my first review. I’m busy at the moment trying to perfect a new song for you to add to my You Tube channel. See you again soon x


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