No rest in my repertoire

Hellooooo people, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! It was my third Saturday at Italia Conti in Plymouth yesterday! It was another great one 🙂

I started an extra class in ballet and that was fun. I used to do ballet a long, long, long etc. time ago – actually I think there’s a picture of me in my ballet costume on my about me page (omg what a embarrassing photo!).

Anyway I can’t remember a thing from back then but it was ok as we were doing similar things as we do in modern (dance) and it’s not too hard as I’ve gone in at a easy grade to start with. The ballet teacher is also the head of the school and she’s really nice! Only problem is I really need some ballet shoes now. Look I fished out my old ones from when I was three, do you think they’ll fit !?

IMG_0439Got some thank you shout outs this week. It was lovely to hear from Lucinda Cowden from Neighbours – how exciting!!! Check out Lucinda’s message on my Facebook page. Massive thanks to Rachel and Marieke for making donations on my Go Fund Me page – this has paid for my first installment this term at Italia Conti. Next installment due end of October…

Piano lessons going well and cracking on with Grade 5 in Singing. Been practicing Lay Me Down (Sam Smith) and Yours (Ella Henderson). I will be getting my You Tube page up and running soon so you can hear a bit….

See you next week xxx