Week Two: Settling In

Helloooo again my fellow humans and blog readers! Thank you for your lovely comments last week and a massive thank you to those wonderful people who have sponsored me so far on my Go Fund Me Page. Thanks Nanny Shirley, Bob, Debbie, Andy and Lyn. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that my second Saturday at Italia Conti drama school in Plymouth went well. I’m starting to feel more comfortable there, getting to know people and enjoying it more. My lessons were more or less the same as last week – singing, jazz (dance), musical production, acting and modern (dance). Obviously I had lunch as well but that doesn’t count as a lesson!

In acting we were working on poems to read out at a drama festival in Plymouth that is coming up. It’s a competition with lots of different classes to enter. I’m entering the Novice class as it’s my first time doing it. I’m also going to try for the Improvising Story Telling Class where the examiner gives you three objects and you have ten minutes to make up a story involving all of them. I had a go at both these classes in the lesson and I’m excited to do them for real. I’ll keep you updated…I could do with some fun poem suggestions I can act out – please add to my comments below.

Also earlier this week I started my piano lessons again with Emily Miller. It was great to get started on some new pieces (I hope they won’t B flat – get it!). I’m working on several things – Ode to Joy by the famous Beethoven, Drunken Sailor and some theory exercises for homework. I am looking into getting some of my piano/singing up on here for you to see….watch this space!!! 

P.S. Thanks to all my teachers for your lovely testimonials – read them all here

A nervous first day…

No photos please!!!
No photos please!!!

Hello world! This is my first ever blog and I’m not really sure what I’m doing! I started my first day at drama school yesterday. It was very scary. I had to get up at 6 o’clock  in the morning and my parents drove me all the way down to Plymouth. Everyone was very welcoming at Italia Conti but most of the others joining yesterday were younger than me. I felt quite out of place.

The first class was singing, one of my favourite things ever so I couldn’t wait to give it a go. We did warm up exercises then sang together then some people sung solo in front of the class. They were amazing! Then I found my way to the next class which was jazz (dancing). I haven’t danced very much in the past so I was quite nervous. The others were younger than me but they were really good.

We did musical production next which is a mixture of things. We did a bit of dancing then sung a couple of Christmas songs (for the Christmas production) then did a bit of a routine to Little Mix’s Black Magic. This was really cool coz I love Little Mix.

After that was lunch, more singing and lots of acting. I loved the acting because it’s another one of my favourite things to do. Last class was modern (dance) which was ok but I’m not feeling very confident about my dancing.

Well it wasn’t too hard to write my first blog. I hope you enjoyed reading and will follow me on my journey. If you want to find out more about me and my dreams please read my About Me page and you can leave comments for me too – I’d love to hear from you.