At the end of the day you’re another day older…

Hellooooo blog readers!!! Hope you are all well and enjoying 2016! Ok, ok I know in my last blog I said one of my new year’s resolutions was to blog more and don’t worry I haven’t died, I know it’s like half way through the year already! I’m reallyyyyy sorrrrryyyy. Now I’m not trying to make excuses for myself but to be honest I’ve had a very busy start to 2016; it was my birthday (thank you everyone for your kind words) can you believe it I’m 14 now?! And I’ve had a lot of school work, my gosh I love France and it’s people very much but their language is a bit technical!! But then again so is the English language, who cares about alliteration!!! (I do hope my English teacher isn’t reading this, sorry sir!) However I do love the lovely Shakespeare!! Hang on, hang on, how on earth did I get talking about Shakespeare!?

Anyway on the topic of the French, there’s one thing I absolutely adore them for…… Les Misérables! Yes, Les Mis, a musical I can’t get enough of. I’m sorry but if you’ve never seen, read or even heard of it you should be ashamed of yourself, you haven’t lived! Don’t worry because after you’ve finished reading this blog, know it or not, you will love it.

“Seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries and in 22 languages around the globe, it is still breaking box-office records everywhere. Les Misérables is the longest running musical of all time, with the original London production celebrating its 30th anniversary on the 8th October 2015. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit.”

In 2011 Honiton Community College, performed Les Misérables school edition and I have to say it was pretty good! I hadn’t joined the school at the time so me, my friend and mum went to see it, it was the first time I’d come across the musical and I fell in love! But wait a minute I have news……..HCC is performing it again with an all new cast in 2016!!! *cheers* I’m so excited! I can’t tell you much right now but we’ve finished auditioning and we’ve started proper rehearsals. Me and my friend Finley have solo lines as factory workers at the start! And will be featuring in many other scenes with the chorus.

Anyhow as Les Misérables is a very well-known musical it’s kinda hard to know where to start. So a school trip was arranged. I know a school trip sounds boring. But it was only to go and watch Les Mis in the west end!!!! Yes, we were going to the Queens theatre in London. This show stars all kinds of people like Carrie Hope Fletcher playing Eponine, an amazing writer, actor, youtuber, blogger and also a mega role model of mine! Also staring others such as Jeremy Secomb as Javert, Rachelle Ann Go as Fantine, Zoe Doano as Cosette and Rob Houchen as Marius. Carrie has now sadly left Les Mis but will soon be staring in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the UK Tour! Good Luck Carrie!

It’s a very long journey to London from little Honiton, with the whole cast! But after a service station stop, lots of gossip and a lengthy coach ride we made it! Oh and it was worth it! It was all we had imagined and more. It was awesome! We were amazed and truly blown away. Both the acting and singing were truly phenomenal sending tingles down every inch of my spine. The story was brought to life in such a magical way. All of us walked out of the theatre speechless with maybe a few squeals too. I hope that one day I’ll be somewhere near as good as them! If I was to describe the performance in three words they would be exceptional, outstanding and magnificent! I feel very inspired!

Thank you for reading, I’ve got lots of cool things coming up to blog about.  I’ve recently done part of my grade 3 ballet exam, my grade 2 LAMDA exam, I’m working towards my grade 5 singing, grade 2 piano and I’m doing my GCSE music early! And I hope to make another cover for my YouTube channel soon so if you’re not subscribed please do! Finally I quickly want to say a huge congratulations to my friend Finley (who I mentioned earlier) and her family on her beautiful new baby sister Maya!

I hope you all have a fab Easter!!! xxx


Happy New Year!


Hellooo blog readers, I hope you have all had a good Christmas. Sorry for the long time – no blog! Hope enjoyed my latest YouTube ‘Mistletoe’ on Christmas Day. Thank you for all your lovely comments about it, they made my Christmas!

So I want to wish you all Happy New Year and this year I’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions! (*gasps*) so I thought I would share them with you and hope you will send me yours too (just add a comment to the blog).

  1. Blog more!!!! I really don’t blog enough, so this year I’m going to blog more as I’ve been inspired by fellow bloggers like Lucy Powrie, Amelia & Grace Mandeville and Zoe Sugg.
  1. Keep more secrets – ok this is a bit of a silly one but I thought I’d include it anyway. I’m one of those people who’s really bad at keeping secrets! But I feel like now I need to be a better person and try to keep them more. Don’t know how long it will last though, oops!
  1. Push myself more (well this makes me sound very mature!) No, really I think I need to push myself to practise my piano for longer, to practise my singing exam exercises more often, try harder at everything I do because I am really lucky to have the opportunities and support I have i.e. lessons in singing, dancing, acting and piano. This is going to sound really cheesy but it’s what I love doing and other people like me can’t even think of being able to this.

Thank you to everyone who helped in 2015 with fundraising and sponsorship. Thank you to everyone who gave me some money towards my lessons for Christmas – it’s all helped with our fundraising  drive. Let’s try and make 2016 even better!!!


Thanks to Exeter Music Holiday School

We’re so grateful to all our very special sponsors who help make it possible for Natasha to attend Italia Conti Performing Arts School every Saturday and have private singing and piano lessons (more details here).


Our newest sponsor is Exeter Music Holiday School. They’re based at Magdalen Court School on Victoria Park Road in Exeter. The music school is a creative way for children in Devon to immerse themselves in musicality, a great alternative to Holiday Childcare that is open during EVERY School Holiday. It’s open to budding musicians of all abilities. Click here for more details about dates and how to book. Laura and Ruth would love to hear from you.

Exeter Music Holiday School (EMHS) provides a whole range of instruments from woodwind, stringed, electronic to percussion for the children to try out and perform with along with improving their vocal abilities. The children also get to compose their own music and songs and recordings can be taken home.

Exeter Music Holiday School also provides workshops for events in Devon plus one-to-one music tuition/private sessions.  Check out the gallery on the website to see what fun the kids have every school holiday.

File 04-11-2015, 18 24 34

If you do contact Exeter Music Holiday School, please remember to say you heard about the school from the Natasha Pavey website that they sponsor. Thanks.

Fundraising Update

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting Natasha. Here’s a little update on how the fundraising is going.

  • Donations on the GoFundMe page have raised £225 so far – thank you to Rachel, Marieke, Shirley, Bob, Lyn, Andy & Debbie.
  • Our Christmas Craft Fayre on 21/11/15 raised a fantastic £208 – thanks to everyone who helped.

That’s £483 raised in total so far and ……..only £1717 to go !!!

How you can help today:

  • Make a donation from as little as £1 on Natasha’s GoFundMe page.
  • Become a business sponsor – please read more here
  • Like Natasha’s Facebook page and post a link on your Facebook page to encourage others.

Thanks everyone x

Sharon (Mum)

Celebrating with a hot chocolate after performing at the Speech & Drama Festival in Plymouth
Celebrating with a hot chocolate after performing at the Speech & Drama Festival in Plymouth

My first festival

FullSizeRender (3)

Hiya people, hope you’re all well!

In a past blog I think I mentioned I’d been entered into the Plymouth Festival of Speech and Drama by my drama teacher at Italia Conti…..

Anyway it was last Thursday. I had to get the day off school to go and it took me and Mum two hours each way to get there on the train and a bus.

I was entered into two classes – Novice Verse Speaking and Improvisation Story Telling. First up was Improv Story Telling which is basically where the examiner gives you three items and you get ten minutes make up a story including them. I liked this class because I had lots of friendly competition. There were only three of us, me and two others from my acting class who are my friends. I was so surprised because there was only one point between us all! I didn’t win but I was really happy with a commendation.

The other class I was in was Novice Verse Speaking which is simply performing a poem. There were 13 of us in this class. I chose a poem called Why do I have to clean my room by Jack Prelutsky. I got a Merit for this which I was very pleased with. It was really interesting watching others perform their pieces and getting feedback from the examiner Stephen Owen (he was very funny!). The main things I learned were to speak a bit louder and speak much more slowly (that’s hard when you’re nervous!). Mr Owen mentioned that I was good at facial expressions and eye contact with the audience.

Thanks for reading again – we are fundraising to pay for my classes in singing, acting, ballet, jazz, modern, musical theatre and piano – more info here.

Bag it !!!


Hey people, you’ll never believe it but I’m now a ……(wait for it)…….. professional blogger!!! I know it’s pretty unbelievable isn’t it? This is so cool! I now have three lovely sponsors, hopefully more soon. Watch out Zoella!

Thank you to the fab-u-lous (darling!) Dancewear Central who are now one of my wonderful sponsors. They have sent me some awesome dance related products which I’m gonna be reviewing for them. I’m starting today with this gorgeous Danshuz Dance Attitude Tote bag which I’m holding in the pic above. I’m really happy to own this bag now and I will take it to Italia Conti Drama School this Saturday. I think it’s really practical as it holds more than it looks which is useful as a dancer because you’ve always got lots of bits and bobs to stick in your bag.

It’s really nice and colourful with dance related words all over it. Also it has a handy pocket on the front with a cool stylish zip.  It can be used as a shoulder bag with the long handles. And lastly it can be tightened so nothing falls out which is useful because as a busy dancer you are always up and down so insuring nothing falls out is one less thing to think about.

Check out the Dance Attitude bag yourself by clicking here – it’s only £12.95. Dancewear Central does lots more bags too – see the whole range here something for every dancer and super fast delivery.

Hope you liked my first review. I’m busy at the moment trying to perfect a new song for you to add to my You Tube channel. See you again soon x


Award Ceremony



Hello people, I hope you are all well!

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from school, (don’t worry I’m not in trouble!) I was very surprised when I opened it because it was an invitation to the award ceremony at school.

The ceremony was on Thursday evening, we had to wear smart clothes so I had to wear a dress (yuck – I don’t like wearing dresses!). It was very exciting though and I was really nervous – I had to go up in front of everyone to collect the award on the stage. The award was for the most improved in music in my year!

It was great to be there with some of my friends who also won awards. Well done to Naomi for winning highest achiever in art – you are an amazing artist. Congrats to Finley for winning an award in IT, you really deserve it. Also Katia for also winning an award in music – you are so talented and your performance was awesome! Ellie and Isabel both won awards in French – bien joue. I must congratulate Lauren for her maths award, well done. Finally Maisie for the Pastoral award – congrats.

Thanks to Cherry for making a donation to my course fees (read more about this here) and getting us started with business sponsorship – if you are reading this and run a business and want to help – click here.

The easiest way to help is on my Go Fund Me page – thanks everyone. Have a fantastic week.


No rest in my repertoire

Hellooooo people, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! It was my third Saturday at Italia Conti in Plymouth yesterday! It was another great one 🙂

I started an extra class in ballet and that was fun. I used to do ballet a long, long, long etc. time ago – actually I think there’s a picture of me in my ballet costume on my about me page (omg what a embarrassing photo!).

Anyway I can’t remember a thing from back then but it was ok as we were doing similar things as we do in modern (dance) and it’s not too hard as I’ve gone in at a easy grade to start with. The ballet teacher is also the head of the school and she’s really nice! Only problem is I really need some ballet shoes now. Look I fished out my old ones from when I was three, do you think they’ll fit !?

IMG_0439Got some thank you shout outs this week. It was lovely to hear from Lucinda Cowden from Neighbours – how exciting!!! Check out Lucinda’s message on my Facebook page. Massive thanks to Rachel and Marieke for making donations on my Go Fund Me page – this has paid for my first installment this term at Italia Conti. Next installment due end of October…

Piano lessons going well and cracking on with Grade 5 in Singing. Been practicing Lay Me Down (Sam Smith) and Yours (Ella Henderson). I will be getting my You Tube page up and running soon so you can hear a bit….

See you next week xxx